High-Demand Manufacturing Careers To Consider In Michigan

The state of Michigan expects to have more than 500,000 job openings in the professional trades available by the year 2028, so there are numerous opportunities for job seekers and those wishing to embark on a professional path. These jobs include everything from auto repairs to home construction, healthcare, and a great many more positions as well and provide great service to the community, contributing greatly toward the stability and progress of the state overall. For Michigan's economy to … [Read more...]

How To Create The Perfect Healthcare Resume

Anyone embarking on a career in the medical field, or seeking to change positions within healthcare, would do well to prepare a brand-new resume that can highlight your experience and the value you bring to the workplace. Even though there is a tremendous demand for healthcare workers, it will certainly be to your advantage to create an appealing resume, so that you have access to the best positions within the field. You may not be aware of this, but the average hiring manager will spend only … [Read more...]

IT Staffing Agencies And The Need For Specialized Personnel

Not every company today has the resources to hire an in-house team of IT specialists, and this is especially true of companies that are constrained by tight budgets, or which have typically small projects to carry out. Several other constraints may influence the decision to assemble an in-house IT team. However, if an in-house team is an approach that best suits your business, but you lack the resources to assemble this team on your own, your best solution will probably be to have a … [Read more...]

What Is A Vendor Management System?

A vendor management system (VMS) is a collection of software programs that helps a business manage its relationships with actual vendors or employees, and it includes software to handle everything from the first contact to closing a deal and continuing with an ongoing relationship. Within any given vendor management system suite, there are specific modules that handle such processes as vendor onboarding, payments for vendors, and feedback from each vendor. It's no exaggeration to say that … [Read more...]

Top Fastest Growing Skilled Jobs In Detroit

Like many other areas of the country, Michigan is a state which is constantly changing in response to the times. Jobs that were popular several decades ago may not even be in use today, and some of the jobs now popular probably won't be around 50 years from now. However, it is certainly possible to evaluate what are the most popular skilled jobs in Detroit today, even if those same jobs will disappear in the coming decades. Below is a rundown of some of the most prevalent skilled jobs … [Read more...]