5 Reasons Why Business Staffing Agencies Work

To find qualified and skilled employees for a business, dependency on professional staffing agencies are almost a requirement. According to the American Staffing Association, 15 million temporary and contract employees are hired by American staffing companies over the course of a year. Every business staffing agency has its own method of operation, but there is a general blueprint to how many operate. Handling the recruitment process by the HR team of the company all alone seems to be … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Use a Recruiting Firm

If you want success for your business, you will need talented and skilled professionals in your company. Every business knows that hiring the wrong people can cost big-time. Searching for the right candidate alone can be pretty time-consuming, so recruiting firms are the easiest, most efficient way to turn over that responsibility. There are many Michigan recruiting firms that specializes in connecting highly-skilled workers with the right clients. These firms are well experienced in the … [Read more...]

ISSA and Trade Press Media Group to Launch a Clean Buildings ExpoSM in 2019

Last week, we wrote about the challenges of facilities management staffing. ISSA has recently announced plans to debut 25 sessions at the Baltimore Convention Center in March 2019, focusing on products and techniques to clean facilities. The expo is set to run at the same time as the National Facilities Management & Technology. A large number of attendees are expected to attend the event, which is expecting to have 1,200 “key decision-makers” from various industries. ISSA’s … [Read more...]

Challenges of Facilities Management Staffing

Handling facilities management staffing as a facility manager is a career choice that has many perks but also many responsibilities. When a facility is not properly staffed, or is “short-staffed,” the entire building and operations of the building suffers from maintenance problems. Let's take a hospital for an example. Under staffing, or short-staffed facilities leaves the door open for patient neglect, stressed workers, error, and perhaps worse: abuse. It’s been documented that many nursing … [Read more...]

GreenTech Automotive Files for Bankruptcy

In spite of automotive staffing and growth taking place nationwide, that sadly has not been the happy ending for GreenTech Automotive. The Mississippi-based green car company has now filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company, known for its MyCar, a two-seat electric car, reportedly owes over $60 million to creditors. The company was founded in 2009, partly by Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. KEY TAKEAWAYS: The company earned over $141.5 million in initial investments through the … [Read more...]