Vendor Management

The inside track on outside services.

Companies everywhere have learned the potential benefits of using outside vendors for a wide variety of formerly in-house services, ranging from custodial and bookkeeping, to logistics services and project management.

Malace|HR can help you find outside vendor services that you can trust and manage those providers through our Vendor Management program. This approach has a number of benefits, including:

  • Time savings: Through streamlined electronic processing, pre-hire drug screening and criminal background checks, and pre-deployment safety training
  • Lower spending: Through vigorous reporting and analysis of hiring processes to ensure efficiency, and reconciled billing and payment
  • Quality assurance: Through the highest quality contingent workers for each job; reduced absenteeism, early release, and safety violations; and implementation, training, and change management services

Simply put, we manage your outside vendors — and all of the administration and payroll duties that come with it — so you can focus on your business.