What Is Vendor Management And Why Is It So Important?

Vendor management is a process by which organizations can take whatever measures are necessary to reduce risks related to vendors, control costs, ensure outstanding service, and to derive the best value from vendors. It will generally involve researching the best possible vendors to collaborate with, obtaining pricing information, evaluating quality of work, managing vendor relationships, evaluating performance, and ensuring that payments are made promptly. Any good vendor management system will … [Read more...]

What Is Recruitment?

Recruitment is one of the most important processes associated with your Human Resources department, and it's designed to optimize employee strengths for the company, so strategic goals and objectives can be accomplished. Recruitment actually consists of several sub-processes, these being sourcing, screening, short-listing, and eventually choosing the right candidates to fill any vacant positions which might exist in the company. In its broadest context, recruitment will require various … [Read more...]

Small Businesses And The Need For Human Resource Services

Why do small businesses need human resource services? Human resource services can offer so much additional assistance to your business than just you alone. Many just think of human resources (HR) as the people you go to when you have a complaint, but an HR department can do so much more for your small business than just that. They play a vital role in any company, big or small. Malace HR is the perfect company that can help your small business be as effective and organized as possible. There is … [Read more...]

A Michigan Recruiting Guide For Businesses During A Crisis

Every business that opens its doors for the first time must be prepared for a crisis. To be fair no one could have imagined how the COVID-19 pandemic would impact the global economy. At the same time, businesses should have been ready for some sort of crisis because they can happen at any time. Use these tips to learn how to staff a business quickly during a crisis, how to help your community, and how to remain in operation during difficult times.   Did You Anticipate A … [Read more...]

Malace HR’s Guide To Effective Remote Work

Having years of experience with remote work has allowed Malace HR to become familiar with many of the nuances of working from home, and to offer some recommendations for being more effective at remote work. By now, the novelty of working from home has probably worn off for most people, which means sitting around all day in your pajamas is no longer an exciting prospect. The original appeal of Zoom meetings has also probably worn off, and many people now probably consider them a bit of a chore … [Read more...]