Millwright Jobs: Safe and Sustainable

From assembly lines and construction digs to extraction sites and refineries, businesses rely on a key equipment specialist to set up the work area and break down machinery - the millwright. But go on Google, and you’re likely to see popular search terms involving millwrights and safety. Some people may be a little concerned about this skilled craftsman job due to it involving so many facets of installing and operating machinery.   These professionals assemble, install, maintain … [Read more...]

Top Seven Electrician Jobs Worth Looking Into for 2019

If you live in the state of Michigan and are looking for a great electrician job, now is the best time to know and understand the many options that are out there. There are different types to cater to different problems. Some focus on simple home repairs while others suit the larger industrial sector of society. Either way, all of these electrician jobs make great careers if you’re looking for something in-demand for the long haul. Here are our top seven.   Highway Electrical Systems … [Read more...]

Want to Be a Millwright? Here’s Why This Is an Awesome Job Choice

As industrialization progresses, the demand for millwrights increases. As such, more people are considering to shift their career towards becoming a millwright. A millwright works in an industrial setting like a factory, a power plant or a construction site. The tasks include installing and maintaining the equipment used in a specific industry. If you want to know more about being a millwright, read on below. What does a millwright do? A millwright is tasked to do everything that is related … [Read more...]

What Are the Most In-Demand Manufacturing Jobs for 2019?

It’s no argument that manufacturing is the backbone to the American economy. This year CNBC reported that manufacturing staffing has been “the most of any 12-month period since April 1995, when the figure added a healthy 345,000 positions.” The manufacturing industry alone has created about $6 trillion in gross output, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The most pivotal to this growth has been food, beverages and tobacco products ($1 trillion), motor vehicles and parts ($701 billion), … [Read more...]

Utilizing a Staffing Agency for Common Areas of Logistics

Logistics staffing is one of the most important areas of staffing for any business. Without logistics, a company has no operational flow or success. In simplest terms, logistics is the art of transporting one thing to another. It’s the planning, coordinating, accounting, etc., that is involved in moving people, places, and things to their proper destination. Logistics involves supply chain management, fulfilling orders, inbound and outbound transportation, inventory control and management, … [Read more...]