Facilities Management

If there’s one industry where using outsourced vendors to meet talent gaps makes sense, it’s facilities management. Malace|HR can add value to any organization by:

  • Identifying core versus non-core business related functions
  • Developing cost-effective outsourcing strategies to reduce cost and risk to your organization
  • Providing additional resources and experienced professionals to increase the efficiency and reliability of your facility

This aspect of our business services manufacturing, automotive, logistics, government, alternative energy, food & beverage, and municipal sectors, and hires for jobs that include:


  • Janitorial services
  • Building maintenance
  • Grounds services (snow removal and landscaping)
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Waste management
  • Vehicle maintenance

With one call, certified technical employees can cover everything from system maintenance to facilities support. Our team gives your business the advantage of reduced costs, without having to compromise your high standards.

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