Onsite HR Management

Your best opportunity to test the waters and accelerate team success.

Hiring a new person can be nerve wracking. Hiring 40 people at once can be downright daunting. With Malace|HR’s on-site HR management services, you can take the risk and anxiety out of team building by getting immediate access to an HR expert on-site. Malace|HR eliminates co-employment risk with a supervisor on-site, while also managing non-core business functions and your contingent workforce.

Additional services include:

  • Management of all HR needs that accompany the hiring process
  • Scheduling
  • Drug and background testing
  • Safety training
  • Payroll and timekeeping
  • Employee evaluations and disciplinary action

The benefits of this service are clear: Your organization acquires a cost-effective alternative to direct hiring (new employees can be paid by Malace|HR to work directly for you) and gains the opportunity to evaluate someone on-the-job before deciding to hire them full-time