Why Do You Need Vendor Risk Management?

If you're not sure what vendor risk management (VRM) is, it is a process that attempts to deal with the risk inherent in dealing with third parties or suppliers to your business. It is largely concerned with reducing or mitigating these risks, especially as they apply to specific areas which might potentially be very harmful to your own business. These areas include cybersecurity, operations risk, compliance risk, reputational risk, financial risk, and strategic risk. Any one of these could … [Read more...]

What Everyone Ought To Know About Logistics Management And HR

The need for effective logistics management grows every day, right along with the increasing complexities of supply chain requirements and the necessities of transportation. The logistics industry is being challenged these days with labor shortages as well as rising inflation. That puts a premium on streamlining logistics management, thus making it more cost-effective. It's no exaggeration to say that if you don't have good logistics management, your company could be losing money and in … [Read more...]

What Is Temp-to-Perm Staffing And How Does It Work?

There are many situations that business managers encounter where they might need more employees on the job but they're uncertain about actually hiring anyone on a permanent basis. It could be that you're in a seasonal situation where demand is greater than usual, and then it will subside in a month or two. There are also situations where you might want to try out a new employee before hiring them on permanently, but you're concerned about bringing someone on board who might not fit in, or who … [Read more...]

Why Human Resource Management Matters

There's no doubt that one of the most critical departments in any organization is its Human Resources Department. Without it, it would be excruciating to recruit and keep good employees, it would be impossible to improve the organization effectively, and it would be very hard to establish a productive and cooperative work environment. For these reasons, the HR department has often been referred to as the heart and soul of a company. Here are some factors which point up the extreme importance … [Read more...]

What Does A Perfect Cover Letter Look Like?

The importance of a resume cover letter will differ from one employer to the next. Generally speaking, they do have real significance to an employer searching for the best candidate for a job opening. The cover letter is often the first thing that any potential employer reviews. Normally the person reviewing the cover letter uses it as a means to help include or exclude a candidate as a potential employee. When taken together with the resume, a cover letter will generally state one or more … [Read more...]