What Are The Different Types Of Staffing?

It can be pretty difficult to know exactly where to begin when you’re faced with the prospect of having to increase your company staffing. Staffing agencies can provide a big assist in this area because they will always have had years of experience in carrying out all those functions necessary for finding top performers, and for evaluating employees prior to making a hiring decision.

There are a number of different approaches to staffing, and any one of them might be highly advantageous for your business. The particular method you use to accomplish her staffing might depend on the nature of your business, or perhaps even the size of your Human Resources department.

When it comes time to making hiring decisions, it will generally be highly advantageous to work with staffing agencies, as well as to conduct your own screening processes for job candidates.

Temp to Hire Staffing

In this form of staffing, you would hire an employee on a temporary basis, and during that trial period, you would have time to evaluate the employee’s performance and to see whether or not he/she would be a good fit for working with your company.

At the end of the probationary period, you could then make a decision on whether or not you want to extend an offer for full-time employment to the individual. If you’re working with staffing agencies, they would actually pay the employee and provide any benefits for the individual, right up to the time that you hire the employee full-time.

This is a very beneficial approach to staffing because it allows you to fully evaluate an employee before taking them on full-time. As opposed to a direct hire, this can result in fewer mistakes made on hiring, because you actually get to know just what a worker is like before making a hiring decision.

This allows for much better decision-making and far fewer mistakes, and you will be able to weed out your possible candidates before potentially making a mistake in hiring them right away.

Direct hire Staffing

When you’re working with a staffing agency, they can help you recruit and eventually hire a candidate whom you consider to be a good fit for your company, and whom you wish to make a full-time employee. In the case of direct hires, the staffing agency would handle all the hiring details, which would leave your company personnel free to focus on more important business issues.

It will also greatly benefit your company to work with a staffing agency on direct hires because they will typically have a more extensive database of good candidates so you will have access to a higher quality of potential employees. When working with a staffing agency on direct hires, a great many of the responsibilities normally associated with the process fall to the agency itself.

This includes evaluating job requirements and preparing a job description that fully encapsulates the duties and responsibilities of the specific position which has opened up in your company. The staffing agency will also seek out qualified candidates through a number of different methods, including advertising, job postings, and direct recruitment of candidates both passive and active.

You can also expect that the staffing agency will conduct interviews, skill testing, and phone screens, all of which will help to coordinate the hiring process and move things along toward finding good matches. Another part of this process will be conducting background checks and contacting references, so as to determine the actual character of a potential hire.

In some cases, the staffing agency will also carry out drug testing and any skills testing which might be necessary to fulfill the position that is open with your company.

In short…

One last area where the staffing agency might become involved is in the negotiation of a job offer for a candidate who is deemed desirable by your company. Also, the staffing agency can handle virtually all the tasks which are typically associated with hiring a candidate directly, right up to the moment that a job offer is made.

Payroll Services Hiring

In this type of staffing, your company would actually choose the specific worker, but the staffing agency would provide their pay and would manage any documentation or paperwork which might be involved with the actual hiring.

There can be a number of benefits that accrue to your company when you decide to outsource your payroll, and that includes freeing up your employees to engage in more value-added activities, as well as those which are more directly related to generating revenue.

Miscellaneous Staffing Methods

Apart from the traditional methods of staffing which involve working with staffing agencies, you can come up with all kinds of creative staffing approaches on your own.

While these staffing methods might not be robust enough to constitute your company policy, they can certainly be good supplemental approaches that will bring in more candidates for your review.

For instance, you can send recruiters to specific locations where you are aware there are a number of good candidates, one example being college campuses where the major program relates to your business field. You can also set up a boot camp with a modest pay incentive to entice people to develop their skills, which would then be in line with a need your company has.

Job fairs are another good way of identifying candidates and setting up interviews with those who appear to have the skills you’re looking for. Internships are another great way of finding viable candidates for your organization, and an internship can work just like a temp-to-hire kind of staffing initiative.

When you have a prospective employee working with your company through an internship, you’ll get to know all about that person before offering them a full-time job.

You can also conduct open houses in your community, because this will attract a number of interesting potential candidates for your company, and some of them may be viable candidates who can fit in well with your firm.