Benefits Of Using A Staffing Agency For Your Business

There’s no doubt about the important role that a staffing agency plays in today’s business world, and there are a great many people involved with this booming industry. Approximately 3 million workers are associated with the staffing industry at present, and it generates nearly $100 billion in revenue annually. Staffing companies play a vital role in today’s business world by meeting the demand for qualified and skilled employees needed by today’s successful businesses. Here are some of the biggest advantages of collaborating with a staffing company to secure skilled workers for your business.

Employees can be Hired more Quickly

In some cases, it can take months to recruit for a position that calls for specific and exceptional skills. It can be a great deal of work when it’s necessary to advertise through various channels, sift through hundreds of resumes, and interact with prospects. A staffing agency has the resources and the experience to handle many of these tasks for you, and they will also generally have an existing database of potential candidates which can help shorten the hiring cycle. Much of the paperwork and a lot of the hassle associated with the recruitment process can be assumed by the staffing company, thereby compressing the hiring process to a matter of days or weeks, rather than months.

Saves on Costs

One of the biggest advantages of working with a staffing company is that it will bring you significant cost savings. For instance, you may not have to advertise your position in the media, you may not have to do background checks, drug screening, or pre-employment testing, and you may not even have to do training and onboarding if a staffing agency is working with you. It can also be a good investment for you to maintain part of your workforce as temporary by working with a staffing agency, and this will always result in huge savings. Companies nowadays are required to provide health insurance for all employees when they have a staff that exceeds 50, but if you can maintain some part of your workforce as temporary, you won’t have to bear these costs.

Greater Flexibility

When working with a staffing agency, you’ll have the flexibility to retain employees without making long-term commitments to them when a specific project has been completed. For a company that typically engages in new projects requiring skilled professionals, this can present you with the kind of flexibility you need to acquire that talent for a short period of time. Even when a permanent position is involved, by working with a staffing agency, you’ll have the option of trying out an employee before actually hiring them.

Bigger Talent Pool

Staffing agencies are always recruiting, even if your company is not. That means they maintain a database of candidates who have been screened and evaluated, some of which may be suitable for working at your company. Whenever a specific requirement is given to a staffing agency they can simply tap into this database to find candidates who may fit the bill for a specific customer. Many times, a staffing agency will also maintain candidates in the database who are more passive and are not really looking for new employment. These candidates may be exactly the ones who are most suitable for your position, and which you might have the opportunity to persuade you to come work for you. The bottom line is, staffing agencies will have a depth of knowledge about each candidate, so they will automatically have a good understanding of which ones might be suitable for employment at specific companies.

Access to Specialized Knowledge

The recruiting business is a highly pressurized one because if you don’t match the right candidate with the right company, you can quickly lose your reputation and your revenue sources as well. That’s why staffing agencies are required to have the kind of expertise and specialized knowledge that will allow them to make the right decisions. As opposed to a company’s in-house recruitment department, staffing agencies are constantly in contact with potential candidates and are abreast of all trends in the job market. This keeps them well-informed, and also allows them to invest in appropriate software and technology which can make their recruitment process even more effective.

Better Chance of Getting Hired

From the standpoint of a candidate, you’ll have a much better chance of getting hired by associating with a staffing agency, simply because they are in constant touch with many clients, and therefore a greater number of open positions which need to be filled. Agencies are always recruiting for several different industries and a number of different positions, and these can range from short-term jobs all the way up to permanent positions. Any candidate looking for gainful employment will have a better chance of getting hired by working with a staffing agency than they would be trying to market themselves alone. It also means that you can save a lot of time and effort as well as resources, by affiliating yourself with a staffing agency. Rather than filling out multiple forms and questionnaires, you can do it once with a single staffing agency, and it will be valid for any number of job openings you might qualify for. Even better, none of this will cost you anything, whereas if you were to undertake to try to market yourself, you could run into all kinds of costs with advertising and placing classified ads.

Why Choose Malace|HR as your Staffing Agency?

Before we recommend any candidate to your business, we’ll make sure that he/she has the right skills, the right motivation, and the right attitude to make a significant contribution to your company. Because we consistently deliver the best talent, we stand above the competition, and our 24 years of experience have allowed us to recognize all those qualities which talented candidates have. When you partner with us, you can expect to receive candidates who can help your company to grow and thrive in today’s uncertain business world.