Why Welder Jobs Are on The Rise in Michigan

Not many people routinely think about the significance of the welding industry in this country, and specifically the status of the welding industry in the state of Michigan. However, welding does have a major impact on most people’s lives, even though they’re probably not aware of it most of the time. It is an essential component used in the automotive industry, in aviation, and various construction processes.

If there were no welding, there probably wouldn’t be any vehicles, gates, fences, kitchen appliances, or buildings either. It’s also true that some other industries would probably not exist if welding were not one of the supportive components which help to drive those industries. For instance, space travel would never have happened without the existence of welding and the capability of fusing metals.

Believe it or not, approximately 70% of all products which are currently manufactured require some form of welding to take place before finished goods can be put on the market. These facts should serve to point up the tremendous importance of welding in this country, and specifically in the state of Michigan. When you consider that Michigan is practically the home state for the automotive industry, it should be easy to see how critical welder jobs in Michigan are to the state’s commerce.

Importance of Welding in the U.S. 

When you see a product with the label ‘Made in the USA’, it’s not just a marketing strategy for the company which tags its products in this manner. It really is a statement of pride that takes into account the benefits that consumers will derive by purchasing goods that are made domestically. This country has several hallmark industries which it is active in, and which require a highly skilled and educated workforce, especially those who have experience with modern welding techniques.

Industries such as medical technology, electronics, aeronautics, and the automotive industry are all markets for people who have strong welding skills. Although welding is not something that is normally brought to the attention of the public, it does factor in many aspects of our daily lives. It may have started as an industry based on simple connections of metal, but it has now evolved to the point where a great many more materials are used in welding, for instance, plastics, ceramics, polymers, and even more.

A great many of this country’s welders are more than simply skilled workers, but also have the talent to be technicians and scientists who are driving the future of this country. Even though welding is largely conducted behind-the-scenes, it carries a huge responsibility toward keeping this country strong, both domestically and internationally.

Welding also has a big impact on the economy of the U.S. overall, since it takes place in literally thousands of small and large shops which specialize in various aspects of the trade. It comes into play for engineering and for building inspections, and it plays a huge role in the development of space technology. That’s why schools are literally filling up with students who desire welder jobs in Michigan, and who are intent on learning this valuable trade so they can become part of a thriving economy.

Increase of Welding Jobs in Michigan 

Welding has advanced beyond the point where it is used to simply fuse two metals together, and the need for skilled welders is rising in Michigan because there is a greater need for more advanced welding techniques, especially those involving certification. Many of the latest automobile designs and building blueprints call for welding skills to develop and create structures that would otherwise not be possible.

The Workforce Intelligence Network recently published an article which documents how welders, welder fitters, and cutters have become one of the top five skilled industries in the state of Michigan, and how numerous openings are now becoming available for skilled welders. At any given time, there are literally thousands of welding jobs open in the state of Michigan, especially for those individuals who have been certified for their skills.

The state of welding in today’s business world has become such that many other surfaces can now be welded together beside the traditional welding which included two metal pieces. That’s why education has become a big part of the training process in Michigan, and a number of schools are offering certified welder programs to help satisfy the need for skilled individuals.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the state of Michigan is at the forefront of the welding industry, in part because it has some of the greatest need for skilled welders because of the industry which takes place within the state.

Future of Welding in the U.S.

The president of the American Welding Society, David McQuaid, has stated that by the year 2025, the U.S. will have a shortage of upwards of 400,000 professionals needed in the welding industry. That shortfall has steadily been growing over the past several years, which means that the huge demand for welders in this country is not only increasing, but it is increasing at a more rapid rate.

That means there is no doubt that the state of Michigan, as well as most of the rest of the states in this country, will not have all the skilled welders needed to support all the industries welding factors into. Welders who are well-trained and well educated will be in particular demand, and those who are skilled enough to be certified in their individual techniques will also be in great demand.

There may come a time when the demand for welders slows down or levels off, but that time is nowhere on the immediate horizon, and instead, it appears that for the foreseeable future, the need for skilled welders will be steadily increasing. There is no better time for someone who is even mildly interested in a career in welding, to take the plunge and become involved in this fast-growing industry.

In terms of welder jobs in Michigan, you can expect to have solid job security, and you can expect to be well compensated for your efforts, especially if you have the requisite education and skills.