Why Education Staffing Is More Important Than You Think

6There’s an old cliché, a good worker is hard to find. For almost every industry in 2018, many would beg to differ: the manufacturing sector is booming, administrative is booming, and many other industries are enjoying the fruits of well-qualified workers who are helping their industry grow. But when it comes to the education arena, schools and universities are oftentimes struggling.

According to a 2018 report by the non-profit education research organization the Learning Policy Institute, “School districts across the country continue to struggle to recruit and retain educators. More than 100,000 classrooms around the country started last school year with a teacher not ‘fully qualified to teach,’ and educators say the shortages continue this year. In subjects like mathematics, science, and special education, almost every state is experiencing teacher shortages.”

To add to that, on average it costs $20,000 to replace one education worker. And for low-income areas, it’s even harder to find qualified and interested professionals for education staffing. This is why a staffing agency is perhaps one of the strongest tools any educational facility has in securing the workers they need. It’s currently estimated that over 675,000 education jobs will be up for grabs by 2022… that’s almost a million jobs!

With finances being filtered to locate teachers, this leaves one of the most important departments of an institution in the position to help manage the recruitment: human resources. At Malace, we help you fill those essential vacancies so your institution can run smoothly.

Here are some reasons why a staffing agency is your saving grace when it comes to making sure your educational institution is HR vacancy-free.

We Have the Qualified Workers You Need

Maybe we should stress the word “qualified.” That’s key to education staffing. There are several institutions that try to tackle recruitment on their own. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but there are downsides to doing so. One factor is time. Where a recruiter has to rely on social media and job boards to post listings and then sift through endless potentially unqualified applicants, a staffing agency already has candidates available that have already been screened, drug tested, and interviewed. Backgrounds have already been checked, and qualifications have already been evaluated.

This higher pool of applicants available through business staffing agencies’, makes them one of the greatest assets a school could have to help them save time. And time is money.

You’re Saving Money

Money is a major topic when it comes to the education industry. Long story short, there’s none to be wasted. This is why our education staffing services make sure we’ve already weeded out candidates who aren’t interested or are a good fit for the job and get qualified and interested workers to you immediately. As mentioned above, it’s roughly $20,000 to replace one education professional. Because of the high costs, educational institutions need to get the right workers in the first go-round, and a staffing agency like ours can help you accomplish that.

We Have Excellent Sourcing Skills

Thanks to trial and error from years of experience, agencies already know which candidates would be a great match before you even meet them. An agency’s sourcing skills are generally more advanced, so you can expect quicker results in terms of recruitment.