Want to Be a Millwright? Here’s Why This Is an Awesome Job Choice

As industrialization progresses, the demand for millwrights increases. As such, more people are considering to shift their career towards becoming a millwright. A millwright works in an industrial setting like a factory, a power plant or a construction site. The tasks include installing and maintaining the equipment used in a specific industry. If you want to know more about being a millwright, read on below.

What does a millwright do?

A millwright is tasked to do everything that is related to installing machinery. Some equipment need to be assembled, so that requires a millwright who is able to comprehend complex plans. He should be knowledgeable about the functions of the tools necessary to put the pieces together.

Some equipment needs to be installed, and the millwright is tasked in connecting a machine to a power unit to make it run. He should test the machinery to make sure that it works seamlessly. The location of the installment should be correct, too. That means the millwright must be able to comprehend blueprints and schematic drawings in order to know where to place specific equipment. This task requires familiarity with a crane, dolly, roller, hoist, or truck, which are used to transport heavy equipment.

A millwright is also tasked in dismantling machinery. This is a crucial step in the maintenance and repair of specific equipment. This requires the ability to understand plans and how to use hand tools.

Lastly, a millwright should be able to work in a team. A lot of industrial tasks can only be accomplished by a group of people. A millwright should know how to be a team player.


What are the skills you need to become a millwright?

This type of applicant must possess an in-depth knowledge of construction equipment and machinery. One must possess passable mathematical skills and strong attention to detail and instructions. He must also possess excellent oral communication skills and must be willing to work in a team environment.


What is the required level of educational attainment?

The general apprenticeship to become a millwright runs for four years. This requires the applicant to be at least eighteen years old. The applicant must possess a high school diploma. Additionally, the applicant must be physically fit and able to handle the work. It goes without saying that being a millwright is physically strenuous. After you have attained an accredited millwright program certificate, you are ready to apply for a job


How much is the salary of a millwright?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released a statistic that a millwright can make a median hourly rate of $24.25. This rate is as of 2017. This adds up to $50,440 annually.


Should you become a millwright?

Hands down, a millright is a great career that pays decently. You will get unique experiences and meet new people. You can work in different industrial settings, whether it be an oil company or a pulp mill. You can also expect this job to always be in demand. As of today, it is definitely a stable career choice.