Utilizing a Staffing Agency for Common Areas of Logistics

Logistics staffing is one of the most important areas of staffing for any business. Without logistics, a company has no operational flow or success.

In simplest terms, logistics is the art of transporting one thing to another. It’s the planning, coordinating, accounting, etc., that is involved in moving people, places, and things to their proper destination. Logistics involves supply chain management, fulfilling orders, inbound and outbound transportation, inventory control and management, information flow, shipping, and more. The field of logistics can involve overseeing the management and transportation of equipment, food, products, mailing packages, and even animals or military supplies.

Here are some of the areas of logistics that are common and could more than benefit from utilizing a staffing agency:

Lineside Delivery:

Lineside delivery involves getting accurate materials to the operator, delivering parts to the right place of an assembly line.

Cargo Consolidation:

Cargo consolidation workers are responsible for arranging smaller cargo shipments together to ship to various places.


Sequencing is another important aspect of logistics and productivity in a warehouse. Sequencing involves matching the right products for the assembly line and delivering it on time.


Kitting logistics workers prepare shipments, by grouping, packing, and combining certain items for shipment to a company.


Cross-docking involves unloading materials and shipments from railroad car or large trucks and loading them into assigned vehicles. Cross-docking eliminates unnecessary handling and storage.

At Malace HR, there’s many other logistics staffing and operations we provide, such as sub-assembly, material handling, and fulfillment.

No Business Can Function Without Logistics Staffing

Without logistics workers, every company and business would have their hands full with unhappy consumers, because it’s the logistician’s job to make sure the right thing gets into the consumers’ hands. Most people with small businesses actually operate as their own logistician without fully recognizing it. If you’re an independent small-business jewelry maker selling jewelry out your house, and you’re not working with a team, then you’re responsible for managing your jewelry orders, packaging the orders, making sure the orders are organized, and keeping track of order shipments so the jewelry ends up in the right hands. All of these things represent the fine art of logistics. Of course, there are bigger career options in this field, particularly if you’re looking to specialize in nothing more than this aspect of management. Matter-of-fact, the options are endless.

But perhaps the greatest industry where logistics is a MUST is manufacturing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 25 percent of logisticians work in the manufacturing field alone.

We’ve sourced out highly skilled and qualified logistics workers. A key component of a good logistics worker is the ability to handle pressure. This particular job involves so many details, and things that could go wrong, that it’s important to be a person that can handle high day-to-day demands, and communication.

This is why we specialize in giving you the workers you need. Utilizing a staffing agency is invaluable to logistics when operating your business.