Troy’s Malace|HR doubles HQ staff

MALACE|HR is a textbook of example of a Metro Detroit-based firm that diversified its client base and used that new dynamic to not only steer clear of trouble but to set the table for exponential growth.

For most of its existence, the Troy-based staffing firm focused on providing engineering staffing for the automotive industry. At its 10-year anniversary in 2007, MALACE|HR made the decision to diversify its client base. It began providing staffing services to companies in the logistics, aerospace, agriculture and defense industries, among others.

“That has allowed us to open up 10 regional offices in the last three years,” says Larry Malace, CEO of MALACE|HR. “We plan to open up three more officers this year.”

MALACE|HR has watched its revenue increase by 100 percent in 2010 and 2011. That allowed the company to double its corporate staff in Troy to 22 people. Malace expects to hire another 5-6 people in the next year.

“We’re hoping to continue to take advantage of the growth in the automotive industry and other markets,” Malace says.

Source: Larry Malace, CEO of MALACE|HR
Writer: Jon Zemke