Steps to Create a Data-Driven Talent-Acquisition Team

Historically, the human resources industry has been fraught with time-intensive tasks, identifying the top candidates and coordinating their interview and screening processes.

Companies cannot hire fast enough to keep up with their workforce demands and competition is fierce for those high potential people who will deliver innovative solutions or go above and beyond for your customers. Data-driven recruitment is the key to attracting and keeping the right talent needed to meet business objectives — and hiring them at the right price.

In any given team within an organization, metrics clearly impacts behavior. Whether management ties performance and benefits to metrics or not, human behavior is heavily impacted by these metrics.

However, these metrics are only as good as the data you gathered. Bad data can hurt your team, lead them astray or worse, break them. Bad data is not only useless, It’s a threat.


  • Data integrity is essential in forming the team
  • Defining your metrics and initial diagnosis help create a clear objective
  • Data-driven decisions could greatly impact the future
  • Analytics: Insights into the present and the future is crucial

First, measuring something impacts behavior. Like particles in quantum mechanics, human behavior is heavily impacted by the act of measuring. This happens regardless of whether you tie performance and benefits to metrics or not.”

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