Michigan Staffing Firms – Are Your Expectations Being Met?

Occasionally, there is a necessity for companies to augment their current workforce to accommodate temporary or permanent changes in supply and demand.  

Enlisting the aid of a staffing firm is an option.  Staffing firms aid companies by supplying highly qualified staff of all levels. Providing candidates to fill temporary, contract-to-perm, and direct hire positions.  The American Staffing Association reports that over 15 million employees are contributed to the workforce in the United States annually by staffing firms.

All staffing firms offer services that hold similarities. Sourcing and screening applicants and delivering candidates who meet specified requirements is expected.  

When companies choose a staffing firm, they are creating a partnership in which the fate of the company relies heavily on its success.  It is imperative that companies choose a firm that offers the best solution to their staffing needs.

Companies foreseeing the use of a staffing firm should meet with several firms prior to making a selection. Meeting with multiple firms provides a reference point of comparison.  A company should give serious consideration to any industry uniqueness and relative skills needed and determine which firm has the ability to meet those needs.

The staffing firm’s level of industry knowledge and efforts they will endeavor in search of amazing talent is important. Knowing a staffing firm is willing to go the extra mile in search of quality candidates is reassuring to their clients.  

Companies should assure that the staffing firm they select is knowledgeable of the company’s day-to-day activities and positions they are required to staff.  Determine a source of contact to enable open communications for status updates or changing needs.  

Inquiries regarding a firm’s success rate within the industry can lead to a discussion regarding company names, positions, and staffing levels.   

Michigan staffing firms with excellent ratings will proudly use successful ratings as a selling point.  Inquire if the ratings are based, on placements totals or client satisfaction surveys.  This can offer a perspective on what is valued by the firm quantity or quality.

Are assessments and training included in their model?  Firms offering services to companies such as assessments or training on the company’s business or culture prepares candidates for productivity on their first day.

Located in Troy, Michigan, Malace HR is not only one of the best Michigan staffing firms, but an HR Boutique, fully staffed with a premier source of highly qualified professionals who specialize in strategic staffing results based on the specific needs of the industry. 

Malace HR serves clients throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Their success emanates from the ability to understand the specific needs of a particular industry and tailoring staffing models that achieve successful results. 

Having been in business for nearly two decades, Malace HR has earned the respect of businesses in the Automotive, Education, Facilities Management, Healthcare, Logistics, and Manufacturing Industries. With 12 locations and employing 1,200 employees, they are available to develop the perfect staffing model to accommodate any business need.