A Michigan Recruiting Guide For Businesses During A Crisis

Every business that opens its doors for the first time must be prepared for a crisis. To be fair no one could have imagined how the COVID-19 pandemic would impact the global economy. At the same time, businesses should have been ready for some sort of crisis because they can happen at any time. Use these tips to learn how to staff a business quickly during a crisis, how to help your community, and how to remain in operation during difficult times.


Did You Anticipate A Crisis?


Your business should anticipate a crisis because you never know when it will happen. If you live along the east coast, you need to be ready for hurricanes. If you live on the Pacific coast, you need to be ready for earthquakes. Tornadoes ravage the Midwest every year, and your town could be affected. Flooding happens every year along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Major blizzards occur every year in Michigan, and you never know when one of them could shut down the state for weeks at a time.


In short, if you are not prepared for a crisis, you are preparing to fail.


How Do You Anticipate A Crisis?


When you are thinking of recruiting people to help you get through a crisis, you must consider how you handle your recruiting for the rest of the year. The Michigan recruiting scene is very competitive. You will meet a lot of good candidates, but you cannot hire all of them. Keep their information, stay in touch when you can, and make sure that you reach out to them as soon as you need help.


You can be sure that some of these candidates will have lost their jobs during a crisis, and you can reach out to them to give them a new opportunity. Think of this as a way to hire all the people that you wish you could have hired the first time. In some cases, these people might be friendly with you or the staff. It can feel like you are helping the family.


Do You Have A Crisis Offer Ready To Go?


When you want to offer a position to someone during a crisis, the regular package for that position might not be enough. Yes, these people should be happy to have jobs. However, they may need more incentives or bonuses to help out. When you create a crisis package, you can add just enough to the package to make it enticing regardless of what industry you work in.


These packages are especially important when you know these candidates are getting other offers. You need to be respectful, and you do not want to insult anyone when you give them an offer that should be higher or filled with more incentives. At the same time, you should explain the situation your business faces. You want these candidates to have some perspective. Because you involved them in your company on an intimate level, they will feel more connected with your business.


How do you make sure candidates consider your offer over others? Use these tips to improve your recruiting plan:


Go Through Your List Of Candidates


You should go through the entire list of candidates that you have seen in the past. You might uncover someone who has a skill set that you need. Do not wait too long to reach out to these people, and let them know that you were so impressed with them the first time that you had to reach out to them today.


Use Your Analytics


You might have scoffed at some analytics that was presented to you in the past. You should read over every piece of information you have. If you are not using analytics provided to you by HR or your recruiting agency, you will miss out on great candidates who would have filled certain roles within your business perfectly.


Advertise For The Demand


You should advertise the fact that there is a great demand for a certain job that you can offer. Show the community that you want to fill as many jobs as possible in a certain area, and the community will applaud you for your efforts. Plus, you will reach people in the community who are desperate to find work. You will uncover even more great candidates who can help your company now, grow, and become integral parts of your company’s structure.


Automate Your Processes


You should automate as much of the application process as possible. You want candidates to have an easy time sending in their information, and you should use a program that allows you to quickly parse all these applications. You can begin hiring quickly because you have all the information you need, and the automated system can send requests back to candidates quickly.


Any automated system can send interview requests to candidates, and it can even ask them to fill out an interview questionnaire. You can get most of the work done before the interview starts, and you can hire people on the spot. A cloud-based ATS is often the best way to go, and you can be sure that everyone in your company can be a part of the recruiting effort. No information is hidden, and you can share candidates with different departments to make sure every job is filled.


You Must Start Recruiting Today


When you are trying to recruit during a crisis, you should make sure that you work with a Michigan recruiting expert that can help you. Most people would prefer to hire quickly so that they can get all the best talent during a crisis. In order to do this, you must have the best offers prepared for new hires, you must put in quite a lot of effort, and you should use an automated system that does most of the work for you. You can keep these people around when the crisis is over, and your company can grow during a crisis while giving essential jobs to people who lost hope when the crisis began.