Malace International Helps To Lift Holiday Spirits in Racine, Wisconsin

Malace International in Racine, Wisconsin has recently adopted a homeless family from HALO (Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization) for the coming holidays. Denise Kujawa, Division Manager of Malace International’s Wisconsin Region has organized the project along with the assistance of her staff. The family they were given to adopt is from the Racine County area, including a young mother (age 19) with 2 boys; ages 5 years and 3 months.

The HALO Program supplied Malace International a family, the family’s wish list, as well as where to deliver the gifts. From the wish list the employees selected the items they wanted to help contribute. Once all the gifts have been collected Malace International will be delivering them to the family. Some of the gifts Denise and Malace International employees have already gathered are items such as cleaning supplies, food, toys for children and clothing for all of the family members. Malace International is delighted to see Denise and the Wisconsin Regional Office take part in giving back to the community and is honored to say they have staff that is contributing to the greater good of society in such difficult economic times.

HALO is an organized emergency shelter located in Racine, Wisconsin. HALO can meet all shelter home needs by providing over 120 beds, supportive services to assist in the self-sufficiency of homeless adults, community leadership to assist in the prevention of chronic homelessness, and positive child support with structured living and learning habitats. HALO also leases over 20 apartments in the Racine area for families taking the steps from homelessness to independence.

If you have any questions concerning our donations with HALO or in helping Malace International with the wish list for this family, please email Denise Kujawa at

The website for HALO is