Have You Considered These Automotive Careers?

One thing about the automotive industry is you can never expect it to have any job shortages any time soon because the business is continuing to advance. In September 2018, Moody’s reported that global light vehicle sales are expected to grow 1.3 percent in 2019.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in July that employers have created 37,000 new auto manufacturing jobs in the United States alone. This means that automotive staffing is expected to not only remain steady but grow.

With that in mind, it’s important for workers to expand their horizons concerning what’s out there. The opportunities in the automotive industry are limitless, and companies are doing everything they can to scout out talent for open slots.

Recently we wrote about three top automotive jobs that are really in demand. The first one was production operation which generally involves setting up machines, testing machines to make sure they’re working right, checking machine output to make sure it’s accurate, cleaning machines, and other entry-level tasks.

Another automotive staffing position we highlighted was automotive tech, which involves vehicle maintenance, parts distribution, collision repair, and many other hats.

Lastly, we highlighted automotive sales, which involves coming up with key marketing strategies for major car makers and strategies for revenue growth along with ways to appeal to diverse markets.

Here are three other careers that are currently in demand for automotive staffing:

Service Consultant / Advisor

Service consultants are responsible for being a sort of bridge between the customers and auto technicians. As essentially customer service reps, their job is to explain in detail the customer complaints to technicians, and schedule service for the vehicle. They also keep the customer aware of the status of their vehicle, and what work needs to be done.


An automotive porter’s job is to move vehicles from one location to another, usually for delivery. They’re also generally responsible for maintaining vehicle inventory. What goes along with that is doing vehicle inspections, making sure the vehicle drives right, and making sure it’s safely transported to the transport carrier. Porters also are known for cosmetic upkeep of vehicles, which includes and waxing, washing.

Shipping and Receiving Clerk

A shipping and receiving clerk isn’t exclusive to the automotive world, but it is a manufacturing position that is important. These workers help warehouses run like a well-oiled machine, and their job is to ship, receive, and record equipment, parts, materials, supplies, and stock in a plant. In the auto realm, this includes keeping track of vehicle inventory, and inspections. They also handle paperwork such as billing, and invoices related to shipments. People in this role must have good recordkeeping skills.