Definition, Importance and Tips to Improve Candidate Experience

Most businesses are less concerned with the candidates experience in the recruitment process and more about having a person in their empty chair.

This is a BIG mistake. Your employees are the heart of your business and what keeps it alive…a recruitment process that deters candidates from applying will hinder your company’s efforts to recruit fresh talent. Eventually, your business may struggle to grow without the necessary talent to take it to the next level. A stagnant business is a dying one.

If a candidate has a positive experience, then even if they didn’t get the job, they are likely to re-apply and spread the word to other job seekers. Word of Mouth is a powerful tool amongst job seekers and their approval is golden.


  • Every conversation a candidate has with your company is part of their experience
  • A positive experience will make the candidate feel respected and valuable
  • A negative experience will leave the candidate not wanting to interact with the company
  • Speeding up the application process help improve candidate experience
  • Communication is essential in every aspect of the experience

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