Clerical Jobs Dallas: What You Need To Know Before You Apply

The main purpose of all clerical work is to ensure that the office runs as smoothly as possible. This is only possible if the day to day administrative tasks are taken care of by highly efficient clerks and secretaries. The clerical staff takes care of various routine jobs such as the following:

  • Sending official faxes (where emails won’t do)
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Answering the phones and
  • Filing documents

There are various types of clerical jobs in Dallas and each requires its own specialization. While most people use these job titles on an interchangeable basis, the fact is that secretaries and office clerks are somewhat different from administrative assistants. This is because the latter position usually requires a college degree due to their greater responsibilities. In fact, administrative assistants are often chosen to spearhead projects and even manage their own teams.

Simple clerks and secretaries, however, do not need an extensive educational background i.e. one that goes beyond a high school degree. But there are several diploma courses available that focus on finetuning secretarial and clerical skills. These people are responsible for managing the daily operations of the office, but they are not given any managerial responsibilities.

The Scope of Clerical Jobs in Dallas

Clerks and secretaries work in a variety of different industries, including business, medicine, finance, law, the government sector and many more. Many of these roles require specific skills. However, there are core skills that are necessary for just about all clerical and secretarial positions.

The Top Skills Necessary for Landing a Clerical Job

  • Attention to the smallest details that may be overlooked by senior employees
  • Making travel arrangements for sales reps and other employees
  • Prioritization
  • Problem-solving alibies skills
  • Record-keeping skills and training
  • Scheduling appointments in order of their importance
  • Typing skills such as shorthand for taking notes as rapidly as possible

Communication Skills

Clerical workers need to have very strong written and oral communication skills. This is because they are often the first line of communication between the company and its clientele. Some of their job descriptions include the following responsibilities:

  • Answering the company’s phones
  • Mail correspondence
  • Customer service
  • Internal and external email
  • Front desk work
  • Oral communication
  • Writing
  • Proofreading notes
  • Taking dictation

Computer Skills

Computer literacy is absolutely important for any clerical job in the 21st century. The clerk should be able to handle the following with ease:

  • Data entry
  • Microsoft Office
  • Data management
  • Database fluency
  • Office machinery
  • Desktop publishing
  • All popular word processing software


If you have all of the above skills and qualifications, then you will be a perfect fit for clerical jobs in Dallas. Such a job will provide both regular hours as well as regular pay and other fringe benefits. Good luck with your job hunt!