Why You Should Apply for HVAC Technician Jobs in Michigan

The state of Michigan is in serious need of skilled individuals who are interested in a career in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). At the moment, and for the foreseeable future, there is a serious shortage of people applying for positions in HVAC, and that means there simply won’t be enough skilled professionals available to meet the demand in the coming years.

If you’re a person who has an interest in this kind of work, you can be guaranteed that there will be a huge demand for your services well out into the future. In addition to that, there is a number of considerable benefits associated with a career in HVAC, some of which are described below.

Fast Job Growth

According to information released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average job growth for all occupations in this country for the 10-year period between 2016 and 2026 will be a modest 7%. However, for the occupation of HVAC technicians, that same period will experience a 15% growth, which is more than double the rate of all other occupations. That means there will be a tremendous need for skilled HVAC technicians in Michigan who can install equipment in new buildings and new homes.

There will also be a strong need for some of those same skills in repairing and replacing various HVAC units. Then too, there will be a strong demand for individuals who have the skills to retrofit and upgrade HVAC systems, so they can take advantage of modern efficiencies that are now available. What all this amounts to is strong job security, so if you have any interest in doing this kind of work, you can be sure there’s a place for you in the workforce.

Career Advancement

Having broken into the industry as an HVAC specialist, you don’t have to settle for doing the same work for the rest of your life. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys learning new things and adding onto your training and experience, you can acquire additional certifications which will allow you to become an expert in working on different kinds of equipment, especially the more modern units.

Some people who have been in the HVAC business for many years decide that they want to open up their own business, and this is a very real possibility for anyone with drive and ambition. If you’re not really interested in starting up your own business, you can still become the manager of company operations and strive for other higher levels in the field.

Active Work/Lifestyle

People who become involved in HVAC work lead some of the most active lifestyles of any professional worker. If working behind a desk doesn’t appeal to you, and being relatively stationary for eight or more hours goes against your grain, you’ll probably really appreciate the kind of work that an HVAC technician in Michigan performs. You may be working indoors or outdoors on any given day, and you could be at any one of several possible job sites.

But regardless of where you are, you can count on spending a good amount of time walking or moving about, and just staying active in general. This may not sound like a huge perk, but when you consider that over a long time, it can but provide major health benefits, that should make it more appealing. You’ll have less chance of developing cancer or heart disease, as well as Type II diabetes, so this is a significant benefit of working in HVAC.

Doing Something Rewarding

Pretty much all homeowners and most business operations require air conditioning, ventilation, and heating at their locations. That means you have the satisfaction of providing all these individuals with something extremely useful and beneficial to them. By providing a hospital with air conditioning, for instance, you will allow that facility to shut the windows and doors, to keep our pollutants.

By installing heating systems for Michigan homeowners, you’ll be helping them make it through the cold winter, which most of them will be undyingly grateful for. It’s easy to see how the work that you perform can be a tremendous benefit to others, and that’s something that should make you feel very good about the work you do. Not everyone has a chance to provide products and services that are in great need, but as an HVAC technician in Michigan, that’s just what you’ll be doing.

No Chance of Outsourcing

The name of the game for many industries today is outsourcing, because they all see the opportunity to gain efficiencies and reduce costs by sending jobs outside the company, and sometimes even offshore. As an HVAC technician, there is virtually no chance of your work being outsourced, because all of it calls for direct servicing and implementation at physical locations. Because there is literally no chance of having your job outsourced, you will have long-term job stability and security, and that will give you peace of mind about the future.

Quick Training

When you are preparing yourself for professional life, the traditional route calls you to attend a four-year college program, so you can gain the necessary education needed for your chosen career path. When you are set about acquiring the necessary training and knowledge to become an HVAC technician, you can generally count on investing less than one year in a program that will give you all the basic information you need.

Many programs around the country offer a package of courses designed to give you the skills necessary to be an effective HVAC technician. These courses will teach you how to do repairs, how to do routine maintenance on heating and cooling systems, how to troubleshoot problems you’re confronted with, and how to install new equipment.

When you consider the fact that for a mere one-year investment, you can acquire the skills necessary to provide you with a lifetime career, this can almost be a no-brainer. Another terrific benefit of this approach is that after having invested a year of your time if you find out that HVAC is not to your liking, you will not have lost much time. However, the vast majority of people who become involved with HVAC, find it very rewarding and find it to be a terrific profession.