5 Reasons Why Business Staffing Agencies Work

To find qualified and skilled employees for a business, dependency on professional staffing agencies are almost a requirement.

According to the American Staffing Association, 15 million temporary and contract employees are hired by American staffing companies over the course of a year.

Every business staffing agency has its own method of operation, but there is a general blueprint to how many operate.

Handling the recruitment process by the HR team of the company all alone seems to be a difficult task. Because of this, it is normal for companies to contract with reputed business staffing agencies to fill up the vacancies. The process to hire an employee through these staffing agencies is convenient for both the company as well as for the candidates. These agencies follow some specific steps.

Work for the Business

The process of work may vary from one agency to the other, but typical temp employment agencies are adept at handling both hiring and terminations. They work for the company in the following areas such as:

  • Vetting and selection of suitable staffs
  • Maintenance of payroll of the company
  • Job training (depending on the agency)
  • Benefits

Many client needs are seasonal. In this case, agencies assure to search the best job for the registered candidates according to their skillset and experience for that particular need.

Temporary Job Offers

Staffing agencies also search employees for an organization looking for the right candidate for the temporary position. The candidates in the agency database will be scrutinized to pick the right match for the client’s company needs.

Provide Communication

For the most part, staffing agencies prefer maintaining direct communication with the recruitment team of a company. The agency experts will interact with the management of the company to understand the exact requirement and the nature of skilled employees they are actually seeking.

Hence, it is the duty of the management of the company to generate a job description in such a way that will help the business staffing agencies to understand the requirement of the company. This will simplify the process of candidate search.

Provide Follow-Up

It is necessary for many clients to provide feedback to the staffing agency so that they can also search future talents for the upcoming vacancies. Notification needs to be sent on an immediate basis if there is any problem with the recommended candidates as this will help in modifying the search criteria of the agency.

This goes back to communication. Many clients/companies love the flexibility of working with the agency, if nothing more than to not have to deal with the headache of turnover, or tough conversations. Going through a staffing agency eases those type of responsibilities.


Staffing agencies typically charge according to the amount of work that a candidate will do for the company. Based on the advice of the job seekers, sometimes these staffing agencies also get the same amount as the employee receives. Again, if the available vacancies are in need of special and skilled employees, then these agencies also get more than the employee’s salary. The agencies are saving the time and money of the companies by helping them with a hassle-free recruitment process.