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Business Staffing Company

Malace HR is a leading provider of workforce solutions offering a comprehensive array of outsourced HR solutions and consulting services for business staffing and human resource. We are the leading staffing company in Tennessee, South Carolina and Michigan, and you can rely on us for your temporary, permanent, temporary-to-hire, and direct-to-hire staffing needs. Our goal is to give you access to the most qualified candidates for important job positions you need to fill.

Malace HR is among the most specialized business staffing agencies in the region, offering assistance in all types of niche markets from clerical and administrative job markets to engineering, scientific and technical industries. We actively participate in the community and have a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of the workforce industry.

Being the largest staffing firm in Michigan, Tennessee and South Carolina, Malace HR is able to offer placements services for different types of businesses. We follow the most meticulous process of selection according to the need of the industry. Thus, we ensure the quality of each placement we make. Our years of experience in handling human resource services and staffing solutions give our clients the edge in all aspects of job placement, ranging from hiring practices to employee development, and job fulfillment.

Malace HR is the best strategic partner when it comes to staffing and human resource development. Companies of all sizes turn to us for advice and believe in our unique approach to recruitment. Unlike many other staffing agencies, Malace HR assesses people using various dynamics instead of merely reducing candidates to essential data and information contained in their CVs. What sets us apart from other human resource agencies is our ability to look beyond a candidate's resume. We consider an applicant's overall suitability to a job and organization, ensuring a good fit.

We have one of the most comprehensive job placement systems in the region. This steadily growing network is meticulously maintained to provide all our clients with staffing services they can rely on.